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Herbicides for Weed Control in Wheat

Herbicides for Controlling Broadleaf Weeds in wheat Wild radish are the number one problem weed in small grains in our area. 2,4-D is the cheapest herbicide to use, but often waiting until the small grain is fully tillered allows the radish time to grow to a point where they cannot be successfully…
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Soil Conditioners, Amendments, Additives and Plant Growth Regulators Wheat 2013-14 Test Results

Dr. Randy Weisz, NC State small grain specialist (retired in 2014), conducted 4 replicated trials in wheat using products such as Agzyme, Quick-sol, Accomplish, Radiate, Liquid carbon, etc. Results are below. There was no statistical yield difference between treated and untreated plots at any of the locations. Website publication can be found…
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Wheat Leaf Rust

Leaf rust has been confirmed  in southwest Georgia in commercial wheat fields. While the incidence appears to be localized, recent weather patterns observed in the southern US can contribute to the dispersal and establishment of the disease. Additionally, we are having favorable environmental conditions for leaf rust development. THEREFORE wheat field scouting and monitoring should be implemented at this…
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Problems in Small Grains

I’ve looked at numerous small grains exhibiting leaves and tillers that have yellowed and are showing red/purple damage. These symptoms can be caused by many things, including nutrient deficiency, cold injury, and disease. But some (not all) of these cases have been barley yellow dwarf virus (BYD). BYD is vectored by aphids. Below is…
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Winter Wheat Weed Control

For wheat that was planted timely, herbicide applications are usually needed around Christmas. Broadleaf weeds are common in wheat but can be managed effectively if herbicide applications are timely. Liquid Nitrogen Tank Mixes Although several herbicides used in wheat may be mixed with liquid nitrogen (see label of individual herbicides),…
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Wheat Production

    Recommended Wheat Varieties for Fall Planting, 2013 The following information is provided to understand the differences in each of the varieties that are recommended in Georgia. AGS 2060 is one of a handful of early maturing varieties with excellent yield potential. It has very good leaf and stripe…
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