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M E M O R A N D U M TO:                AMERICAN PECAN COUNCIL BOARD OF DIRECTORS FROM:         ALEXANDER OTT, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR RE:                USDA ANNOUNCES ASSISTANCE FOR PECANS DATE:             AUGUST 28, 2018 On August 27, 2018, the U.S. Secretary of…
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Row Crop Update and Upcoming Events

DISEASES of PEANUT: White mold and leaf spot aren’t breaking lose in every peanut field in Georgia, but we are having near-perfect conditions for the development, spread, and sometimes explosion of these diseases.  Stay on a good fungicide program, tightening spray intervals where disease is becoming problematic and/or where there…
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Prepare for the 2018 Tropical Storm Alberto

The below info is from Pam Knox, Interim Director, Geogia Weather Network, Crop and Soil Sciences, CAES: Long-time residents of Georgia may remember the devastating floods of Tropical Storm Alberto in July 1994. The rain was so intense that Georgia’s one-day rainfall record was set during that storm, with 21.10 inches recorded at…
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Cotton Fertilization

We’re finally getting some much needed rain (5/16/18), and those that had to stop planting cotton will soon begin planting again. About 40% of Georgia’s cotton is planted at the time of this post. While waiting to get back into fields, now is a good time to think about cotton…
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Peanut Rx and Shortage of Chlorothalonil in Peanut

Below is a link to the 2018 Peanut Rx. It allows growers to assess their risk to tomato spotted wilt, leaf spot diseases and white mold. It also notes which varieties have some resistance (or increased susceptibility) to the peanut rootknot nematode (Meloidogyne arenaria), Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) and Rhizoctonia…
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Georgia State Livestock Show Feb. 21-24 2018.

The Georgia Junior National Livestock Show was held Feb. 21-24 in Perry, GA and 10 Appling County 4-H youth participated showing pigs. Over 3,000 youth from across Georgia participated showing beef cows, dairy cows, sheep, goats, or pigs. There were over 1,300 pigs being exhibited at the show. Congrats to all these…
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