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  • Peanut rust (Puccinia arachidis) is being found in fields across our state and area. This is different from early or late leafspot. Dr. Culbreath, UGA Plant Pathologist says, “Chlorothalonil is active against rust, but is purely a protectant.  Control of rust with chlorothalonil may require a shorter application window.  Growers who like to end up their […]

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  • Winter Feeding For Cattle

    As we hunker down for a frigid cold snap in late February, we need to keep an eye out for issues with winter feeding programs. A potential perfect storm of events may occur over then next several days that can cause serious health issues and potential death. 1. Cattle nutrient requirements increasing. As many are […]

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  • High Cattle Prices

      (Article from Dr. Curt Lacey and Clint Thompson) “For cattlemen that are in the situation where they’re having trouble feeding their cows and the calves are big enough to sell, that’s probably a real smart move for them to go ahead and move those calves right now,” said UGA Extension livestock economist Curt Lacy. […]

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  •   We will have A Beef Cattle Production meeting on December 10, 2013 at 7pm at the Farm Bureau building in Baxley.  Our topic will be “Winter Supplementation of Poor Quality Forage”. If there’s enough time we will also discuss “Breeding Stock Selection.” Dr. Jacob R. Segers, Assistant Professor and Extension Animal Scientist at the […]

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  •   The bermudagrass stem maggot has become a pest for cattlemen and hay producers across the Southeast. If your bermudagrass hayfield has a frosted appearance (figure 1) in the middle of summer, it may have been damaged by this new, invasive pest. The damage is caused by the feeding of the immature stage of a […]

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