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March 2021

  • Grand Champion – Tucker Tillman Reserve Champion and Grand Champion Appling County Farrowed – Jamin Miles Reserve Champion Appling County Farrowed – Paige Hand Showmanship Class 1 First Year Exhibitors 1st – Bristol Johnson 2nd – Katherine Hand 3rd – Craig nails Class 2 First Year Exhibitors 1st – Lexi Senters 2nd – Camilla Ramirez…

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  • Using in furrow fertilizer causes reduced stand in peanuts. UGA does NOT recommend applying in furrow fertilizers in peanut. Research has proven that stand emergence is reduced. Poor seed quality and/or less than optimum soil conditions can make this much worse. To watch Dr. Scott Montfort’s presentation, go to the following link: https://zoom.us/rec/share/nQs6j606FaHWjZHcNvy-mmh35VdNzVhhI7jglWVtPdg8sU0YpRkKwndXZDdcaqHe.JDcOxqMdJb93bx0X?startTime=1615304808000

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