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Determining Pesticide Applicator Certification Status

Prior to making applications of dicamba to dicamba-tolerant crops or 2,4-D to 2,4-D-tolerant crops in Georgia, growers must attend “Using Pesticides Wisely.”

You can double check to see if you are certified by going to the link below and searching for your name. If you are listed as having attended the training then under your name and address you will see, “Applicator has attended ‘Using Pesticides Wisely Training”. You can also check on how many recertification hours. Generally you are required to have 5 hours per 5 year license period. You also need the hours 90 days before the expiration date. Appling County Extension usually has about 8 meetings each year where pesticide credit is offered. The pesticide license program will be changing soon and you don’t want to lose your license and have to retake the test.

CLICK HERE to search for certification status