Appling County Crop E News

Mummy Berry Warning

From Dr. Phil Brannon: Blueberry growers, there are reports from the southern region of the state which indicate that leaves are starting to emerge on rabbiteye blueberries. This is truly an early leaf emergence for rabbiteyes, likely due to the exceptionally warm weather we are now experiencing. Blooms may not…
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Appling County Cotton Variety Trial Results and Cotton Quality

Appling County Cotton Variety Trial results and cotton quality Dryland Planted June 3. Harvested November 29. Variety Yield PHY 444 1119.2448 DG 2615 1065.2209 ST 4946 1054.5603  ST 5115 1023.3614  ST 6182 1018.4744 PHY 496 1016.7035  CG3885 991.84186 PHY 333 984.5  DP1538 963.90988 DP 1553 948.57674 DP 1646 921.36552  NG…
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Integrated Management of Southern Root-Knot Nematode with Resistant Cotton Varieties and Telone in Appling County

The objective of this study was to compare the performance of cotton varieties with known partial-resistance to the root-knot nematode to popular varieties without resistance. Additionally, plots planted to each variety and fumigated with Telone II (4 gal/A), were compared to non-fumigated plots. Hopefully, the results from this study will…
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Centipede Grass Decline

Centipede grass Decline I get a lot of questions every year (multiple times a year) on lawns declining. I spend a lot of time writing articles and getting information to people about this issue. The majority of grass in our area is centipede. As I’ve said many times, most problems…
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Georgia Pecan Grower Association meeting

Georgia Pecan Grower Association meeting this Tuesday Jan. 10 at 6pm at Sarah’s in Baxley. Topics: 2018 Farm Bill, crop insurance, risk management, advantages of an IC-DISC, basic bookkeeping, grants available, EQIP and CSP. FSA and USDA will explain their services also. Please register for free with the Georgia Pecan…
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