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2017 Pecan Beginners Course Tifton, GA

The Pecan Beginners Course will be held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center in Tifton. GA on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. There is a registration fee of $10 . Registration at the door will be $15 until we reach capacity of 300 people. Please pre-register so that we will have a head count for the meal. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Register at the following link: Pecan Beginners Course Registration


The program for the course is found below:


 9:00        Welcome                                                                                           

 9:10        Cost of Pecan Production                                                                            

Lenny Wells, UGA Horticulture

 9:30       Pecan Varieties             

Patrick Conner, UGA Horticulture            

 10:15     Break

 10:45     Pecan Irrigation                                                                               

Lenny Wells, UGA Horticulture

 11:15     Pecan Tree Planting & Establishment                                   

Lenny Wells, UGA Horticulture

 12:00     Break for Lunch               

                Meal Sponsored by Savage Equipment                                 

 1:00        Pecan Insect Management

Will Hudson, UGA Entomology

 1:45        Pecan Fertilization

Lenny Wells, UGA Horticulture

 2:30        Break

 2:50        Pecan Disease Management

                Jason Brock, UGA Plant Pathology

 3:20        Pecan Weed Control

Timothy Grey, UGA Crop & Soil Science

 4:00        Pecan Equipment

Lenny Wells, UGA Horticulture

Please contact Debbie Rutland @ 229-386-3424 for further information.