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Water Festival and Pokemon Go

In September 2016, the organizers of the Athens-Clark County Water Festival incorporated the game Pokemon Go into their annual water education festival.  The Saturday was full of different water related activities from kids being able to act like a raindrop flowing through a stormwater channel, water cannons, water games, and…
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Water Conservation is the key

With 53 Georgia counties in a Level 1 drought condition currently, the main focus should be water conservation.  Some of the things that can be done to conserve water are listed below: Indoors:  One fact sheet from UGA is Every Drop Counts: Conserve Water at Home 1.  Run water only…
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Cover Crops seem to be making a Come Back

The use of cover crops in agriculture is the base in conservation tillage or conservation production systems.  The use of cover crops has many different benefits ranging from aiding in increased infiltration, suppressing weeds, building soil health and reducing erosion.  In the “Weekly Roundup” of the Forester Newsletter there was an…
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