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Aphids In Small Grains

Beneficial insect (Lady Beetle Larvae) eating aphids I added this in here because it is always a good thing to see and I was pretty proud of myself for the picture too.   Small aphids in oats   Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus is vectored by aphids and can affect all…
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Nantucket Pine Tip Moth

Below is the damage from a Nantucket Pine Tip Moth.  I was called to see the damage in the pine stand last week and found that nearly 80% of the planting was affected at some level.  The Pine Tip Moth is all too common in our area and can cause…
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Selling Hay to South Carolina

Helping our Neighbors in South Carolina You’ve seen the news. You’ve seen the devastation that has hit South Carolina in the wake of all the rain they received a few days back. What hasn’t been in the news is how much damage was done to their hay crops. For many…
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Overseeding Forages

It’s Time to Overseed Forages If you plan to overseed for winter grazing now is the optimum time to start planting.  The most common cause of overseeding failure is planting into excess residue from your perennial crop.   Research suggests that you plant into less than 6 inches of residue. It…
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