As we progress through the growing season we have to start looking for certain pests. From the V10 to R1 stage in corn it is critical to be scouting for stink bugs. At these stages of growth stink bugs can feed on the developing ear before it begins to emerge. This feeding damage can not only deform the ear, but it can also significantly reduce yields where pressure is high enough.

When scouting remember that at this stage the treatment threshold is 1 bug in the ear zone per 8 plants. These levels move to 1 bug per ear once we enter the kernel fill stage of development. In the seediling stage of growth, fields should be treated if 10% of the plants have stink bug damage. This damage can show up as oblong shaped holes in the base of the leaf with yellow halos. If you were a little bit later getting corn in the ground you are probably at higher risk for stink bug injury.

Most of the pyrethroid insecticdes are labelled for controlling stink bugs but some may be slightly more active than others. Contact your County Agent for more specific recommendations.

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