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Jeff Cook

About Jeff Cook

County Agriculture Agent in Taylor & Peach Counties, and Area Peach Agent. B.S. Plant Pathology, UGA. Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management, UGA.

Yes We are Open

The UGA Campus is closed but we are open for normal business. We have been told to follow the direction of our local county government so we will remain open until they tell us differently.
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Be Careful This Weekend

I often write an article in the late summer early fall since growers are moving large equipment all over middle Georgia. Well, I wanted to go ahead and put it out there now for 2 reasons.
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Corn Planting Decision

As I drove south this morning I had a miniature panic attack.  I looked to the southeast and saw a bright light in the sky.  It looked like a burning ball of gases.  Yes it has been that long since we have seen the sun.

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2020 Using Pesticides Wisely (UPW)

We finally received word and for once it is good news for farmers in Georgia. If you were certified through the Department of Agriculture and UGA Extension to use the Dicamba Technology on approved crops in 2019 you get to skip the training in 2020. That means the only people…
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