Our new Cotton Specialist, Camp Hand, has been keeping us updated on recommendations for defoliating this years cotton crop. With prices where they are, we want to do a quality job to get a good crop out of the field.

Now that the weather is cooling here is what our Cotton Agronomist has to say about defoliation. Most growers that I work with are already using a 3-way mixture so the only thing we may need to do is change rates. With temperatures mostly ranging from the 70’s to low 50’s it is time to start considering the addition of a combination of diuron + thidiazuron (ex. Ginstar) The diuron helps when temperatures are cooler and the recommended rate would be 6-8 oz/acre.

Thidiazuron tends to lose activity especially when night temps drop below 65.

As always ethephon (ex. Prep) needs to be in the tank with these products and you may want to consider using the high rate of 42 oz/acre.

Adding tribufos (ex.Folex) to the mixture is fine, but Camp says, he has seen excellent activity with thidiazuron + diuron +ethephon.

Our standard 3-way mixture for this time of year would be 12 – 16 oz/acre Folex, 8 oz/acre Ginstar and 42 oz/acre Prep

Contact your County Agent if you have questions.

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