I am so glad that we have a great team of Extension Specialist working to get information to us so that we can pass it along to our growers. The information in this post is from our weed scientists blog. You may be interested especially if you are growing Enlist™ cotton.

UGA-OVT just recently released the results of their 2020 soybean yield trials.  In those trials, several Enlist™ (2,4-D choline tolerant) varieties were included.  There has not been much Georgia generated data about the performance of Enlist™ soybean varieties in our state.   A quick summary of those Enlist™ varieties is presented in the following table. 

Table 1.  Enlist Soybean Variety Performance in Georgia – 2020. 

VarietyAverage Yield
Maturity Group
Average (Bu/A)
DM 48E7348.347.9
AGS 48E1954.147.9
MS 4800E52.547.9
DM 59E0165.162.5
ZS 5098E364.062.5
MS 5110E60.762.5
AGS 51E1961.962.5
DM 51E0161.661.7
2020 UGA-OVT soybean yield results

Five of the eight Enlist™ soybean varieties in these tests had higher yields than the maturity group average.  To get the full report of the preliminary 2020 UGA-OVT soybean yield results, check out this link: 2020 Preliminary OVT Data

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