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Climate Data in Tattnall

This past May was extremely hot and dry and whenever we have weather extremes it gets me thinking. How does our weather today compare to the past? More specifically, the decade of the sixties and seventies. The reason I concentrate on these decades is because this was a time of…
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Cutworms in Georgia Peanut Fields

Here is an interesting article written by UGA’s Peanut Entomologist Dr. Mark Abney: It is always something…this week in the world of peanut entomology that something is cutworms. We see cutworm injury to peanut foliage every year in the month of June, and in most cases these infestations are nothing…
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Current and Future Weather for Tattnall

These past couple of weeks have been extremely hot dry. I have seen many crops, especially dry-land corn hit hard by these drought conditions. Even with irrigation the weather has been unfavorable for young peanuts and cotton, and even tasseling corn. I have even started seeing trees begin shedding leaves…
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