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Nematodes are small microscopic roundworms that inhabit the soil and can have a large effect on the growth and successful production of many crops. Nematodes can cause damage by feeding on the roots of susceptible crops.  Root damage can cause stunted growth and inhibit water and nutrient uptake, which can…
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Tattnall-Evans County Pecan Meeting Feb. 4th

Mark your calendars!  The Tattnall and Evans County Pecan Production Meeting is coming up soon.  This year, it will be held on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 at 12:00 noon at Harry’s Barbeque in Claxton.  Lunch will be provided.  Our speakers for the meeting include Lenny Wells, UGA Pecan Horticulturalist, Jason…
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2016 Crop Budgets

Well, the 2016 crop budgets came in this week.  You can go directly to the Ag Economic website to look at them.  Here’s a quick look at them below also. Remember, these budgets do not include land rent in their calculations, so you will have to add that cost if you…
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Upcoming Ag Business Planning Workshop

Tattnall County Extension, in collaboration with the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center and Georgia Southern University are offering an upcoming course called: Ag Business Planning Workshop: A Guide for Farm Entrepreneurs.  This will be a 2 session workshop held on February 11th and 18th at the Glennville Extension…
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Choosing and Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

  Live Christmas trees have been brought into homes and decorated during the holiday season for more than 500 years.  Every year, more than 33 million live Christmas trees are used in households across the United States.  Here are a few facts on choosing and caring for a Christmas tree….
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Leyland Cypress in the Landscape

Planting Leyland Cypress as a Screen or Privacy Border Chris Tyson, Tattnall Extension The fall and winter months are a great time to plant trees and shrubs in the yard.  One tree that is often planted as a border, screen, or to create privacy in a landscape is Leyland Cypress. …
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