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I have been riding through the county looking over some fields that have recently been planted in corn. I thought I would share some photos on what the corn is looking like. The largest corn I have seen has been around the V-5 stage.

According to the UGA weather station in Glennville, GA we are sitting at 433 degree days which is 69 units higher than in 2021. Interestingly, the V-5 stage and accumulation matches closely with the nine year average growing degree day chart from the 2021 UGA corn production manual.

Here is some corn that has just starting to emerge. The roots are close to six inches in length. This corn was planted about a week ago.

Here is an ‘corn’s eye view’. This was some corn at the V-2 stage.

Here is a close up of the entire plant. The plant is really putting on the root growth!

Here is a photo of the field.

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