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Whiteflies in Cotton: Management Options and Upcoming Meeting


We have a called a meeting to address the urgent whitefly situation in cotton:


Cotton Whitefly Meeting


Friday, August 18th, 2017


10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Speaker: Mark Freeman, UGA Cotton Agronomist


Herschel Durrence’s Shop

562 Harmony Church Road

Glennville, GA 30427


We will discuss:

Whitefly life cycle

How they can damage cotton

How to scout your cotton for whiteflies

The best ways to treat whiteflies in cotton


If you have questions, or to let us know you will be coming to the meeting, give us a call, email, or text:


Chris Tyson (mobile)       912.551.2204

Aubrey Shirley (mobile) 912.314.3698



We are starting to see a lot of whiteflies in cotton in Tattnall County.   Aubrey and I have found several fields that were infested this week.  This has never been a problem before in Southeast Georgia, but several fields in our area have been treated, and there are many more that may need treatment.  DO NOT IGNORE THIS PEST!  If left untreated, whiteflies can become a serious problem, ultimately leading to premature defoliation and damaged lint in our cotton.

Let me say this again.  DO NOT IGNORE THIS PEST! ALL COTTON GROWERS NEED TO CHECK THEIR COTTON FOR WHITEFLIES!  If you have seen whiteflies in your cotton, please take appropriate action.  I am attaching a handout with scouting instructions and control options.

Additionally, if you are spraying for stinkbugs, keep in mind that pyrethroids like bifenthrin, and products like Bidrin will flare whiteflies and can make them worse.  Only spray for stinkbugs if necessary, and if you have to spray, use a pyrethroid like bifenthrin instead of Bidrin.  It is not quite as bad on beneficials as Bidrin is, and may not flare whiteflies as bad.