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Supplementation Strategies For Hay

Some producers have had questions recently about supplementation options for hay.  Many people around the area and around the state have had to feed hay longer than expected for several different reasons, including poor establishment of winter annuals from cold and wet conditions.  Most cattle producers are close to finishing calving in winter and spring calving herds, or they are in the later half of lactation on their fall calving herds.

Several folks in Georgia have had questions about supplements, and Dr. Lawton Stewart and Dr. Jacob Segars have put together a table of potential  supplements for cattle and forage combinations we may see around here.

As you look at the chart, keep in mind that these are general recommendations and they can be fine tuned with a forage report and knowing what supplements you have available.

Also keep in mind that most urea based liquid feeds, blocks, and tubs should provide adequate nutrients if the suggested supplement is 3.5 lb/head/day or less for brood cows.  These feeds are not recommended for calves under 500 lbs.


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