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  • UGA’s Feed and Environmental Lab puts together a Hay Directory for producers to advertise on and find high quality hay for feeding their livestock. With the severe drought we have experienced this season it may be a useful tool for many.

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  • Forage Team Newsletter

    The UGA Extension Forage Team puts out newsletter quarterly. The team is made up of specialists and county agents with expertise in animal science and related topics. Many of the topics are informative and timely.

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  • Harvest Season

    I began writing a post on peanuts nearly three weeks ago. As I come back to it now most of the decisions to be made on harvest are done. So I will take a few minutes to wrap some things up.

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  • Here are a few Defoliation tips: Have 3 or more days of sunny weather forecasted when defoliation application made. Slice bolls with a sharp knife. Bolls are considered mature and ready for harvest aid applications when bolls cannot be sliced without “stringing” the lint. In addition, bolls are mature when the seed embryo contains only tiny…

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  • New UGA Vegetable Blog

    https://blog.caes.uga.edu/vegpath/ The new Vegetable Blog is a “one stop shop” for vegetable production information! Dr. Bhabesh Dutta The purpose of this blog is to keep our clientele informed with current disease updates on vegetable crops. Through this blog, Dr. Dutta would also like to provide current spray guide and management recommendations on important vegetable diseases. His extension program…

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  •   More educational videos like this can be found at the link below: https://www.caes.uga.edu/commodities/fieldcrops/forages/Lectures.html

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  •   Before selling home-harvested eggs, backyard chicken flock owners must attend an egg candling class. There, the farmer will learn how to check the quality of their eggs before selling them. Egg candling certification is required of anyone who sells eggs from their flock. Image credit: Pike County Agribusiness Authority.   Raising a flock of backyard…

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  • I am sure most of you have seen this posted online and in magazines already but to make sure. Here is the FSA Fact Sheet for the newly announced Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program.

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  • Many of you have already received notification of changes at the Farm Service Agency Office. Below is the announcement:

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