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  • We have been dealing with Bermudagrass Stem Maggots for a while but this is an quick reminder. Some are also seeing armyworms in hay as well. Our Forage Team sent these out so I thought I would share them with you:

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  • UGA Beef Programming

    There are lots of programs coming up for our beef cattle producers!!!! Our Jeff Davis County Cattle Production Meeting is set for March 1st at noon. Sign up by the 25th if you plan to join us at the Hazlehurst Golf Course and Civic Center. The Tifton Beef Cattle Short Course is also on March…

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  • Recommended Grain Varieties for Winter 2021-2022 Barley Atlantic (P) Secretariat (S) Thoroughbred (S) Oat Graham (S)2 Horizon 306 (S)2 Horizon 720 (C)2 Wheat AP 1983 (S) AGS 2021 (S) AGS 2024 (S) *AGS 3000 (C) AGS 3015 (S)3 *AGS 3030 (S) Dyna-Gro 9002 (P) Dyna-Gro Blanton (S) Dyna-Gro Blanton (S) Dyna-Gro Plantation (S) Dyna-Gro Rutledge…

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  • UGA Forage Updates

    There is lots going on with UGA Forages! Look below for all of the upcoming meetings, workshops and contests. Southeastern Hay Contest- Entries due September 1st Entries must be postmarked by 9/1/21 to be considered for the 2021 contest. For more information please visit: www.sehaycontest.com. Southeastern Hay Shortcourse – September 2nd Hands-on short course in…

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  • Several calls have come in lately about a “new” weed that hay producers are seeing. It is not new, but it may be new to them. Thistles are winter annuals or biennials depending on the particular species you have. There are several different thistles that we see in our area; bull thistle, milk thistle, and…

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  • Hay and Forage Events

    Here are a few events coming up online and in person for hay and forage producers:

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  • There are several Short Courses and Field Days coming up for cattle and forage producers. Here is a compiled list: Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue Renovation Workshop https://georgiaforages.caes.uga.edu/calendar/event.html?eventid=1620&event=Novel-Endophyte-Tall-Fescue-Renovation-Workshop Georgia Forage and Grassland Council Meeting https://georgiaforages.caes.uga.edu/calendar/event.html?eventid=1621&event=Georgia-Forage-and-Grassland-Council-Meeting Free for GFGC members (also gives you memberships to the American Forage and Grassland Council) – $35/yr Bayer Crop Science New…

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  • GACAA The 2017 Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents (GACAA) annual meeting and professional improvement conference was held in Columbus at the beginning of the month. I competed in the applied research poster competition with research conducted with the Laurens County Agent, Raymond Joyce. We won our competition for our work with creep feeding calves…

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  • Forage Questions Answered

    Frequently asked questions ANSWERED from UGA Forage Specialist, Dennis Hancock.   1) Winter grazing seed costs (why they are high) and choices: https://youtu.be/U87FnL-1Wy4 2) Black oats vs. forage oats for grazing and baleage: https://youtu.be/BgfP9VRYYmU 3) Why timing the last cutting of bermudagrass is important: https://youtu.be/aXlc2w7PLMw

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  • Forage Update

    Late winter considerations

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