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Recommended Grain Varieties for Winter 2021-2022

BarleyAtlantic (P)Secretariat (S)Thoroughbred (S)
OatGraham (S)2Horizon 306 (S)2Horizon 720 (C)2
WheatAP 1983 (S)
AGS 2021 (S)
AGS 2024 (S)
*AGS 3000 (C)
AGS 3015 (S)3
*AGS 3030 (S)
Dyna-Gro 9002 (P)
Dyna-Gro Blanton (S)
Dyna-Gro Blanton (S)
Dyna-Gro Plantation (S)
Dyna-Gro Rutledge (S)
Go Wheat 2032 (C)2
SH 5550 (S)
SY 547 (P)3
SY Viper (P)3
USG 3329 (P)2
USG 3536 (P)2
USG 3539 (P)3
 WheatAGS 3040 (S)
AM 473 (P)
AM 481 (C)
*Dyna-Gro 9701 (P)2
Dyna-Gro 9811 (P)3
LW2848 (P)
PGX 20-15 (C)
Pioneer 26R41 (P)2
Pioneer 26R45 (P)
Pioneer 26R94 (C)
USG 3640 (S)
*USG 3895 (P)3
*#FURY (C)2 #TURBO (C)2
TriticaleTrical 342 (S)TriCal 1143 (C)2,3 
  1. P = Piedmont; C = Coastal Plain; S = Statewide.
  2. Consider using a labeled fungicide; highly susceptible to powdery mildew, leaf rust, stripe rust, or crown rust.
  3. Susceptible to some Hessian fly; consider using an insecticide.
  4. To be dropped from list for 2022-23.

Recommended Annual Forage Varieties for Winter 2021-2022

OatHorizon 306 (S)Legend 567 (C)3*NF402 (S)3
 Horizon 720 (S)RAM LA99016 (S) 
WheatAGS 2024 (S)*Dyna-Gro Plantation (C)*Pioneer 26R10 (S)
 Johnson (S)*GrazeAll (S)*Pioneer 26R41 (S)
RyeBates RS4 (S)Florida 401 (C)2Wrens Abruzzi (S)
 Elbon (S)Kelly Grazer III (S) 
TriticaleTrical 342 (S)
TriCal 1143 (C)2
TriCal Merlin Max (S)
TriCal Surge (S)
  1. P = Piedmont; C = Coastal Plain; S = Statewide.
  2. Suitable for early planting.
  3. More tolerant to crown rust
  4. These forage varieties have performed well in the past, but not been recently evaluated.

Recommended Ryegrass by Region and Growth Timing