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Small Grain Variety Info from UGA

Recommended Grain Varieties for Winter 2021-2022 Barley Atlantic (P) Secretariat (S) Thoroughbred (S) Oat Graham (S)2 Horizon 306 (S)2 Horizon 720 (C)2 Wheat AP 1983 (S) AGS 2021 (S) AGS 2024 (S) *AGS 3000 (C) AGS 3015 (S)3 *AGS 3030 (S) Dyna-Gro 9002 (P) Dyna-Gro Blanton (S) Dyna-Gro Blanton (S)…
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Grain Harvest – Timely Info

I wanted to pass along some info on grain drying and stored insect management sent this week from our Grains Agronomist. We want to get our small grains out quickly as quality can drop fast and they can sprout if exposed to rainy weather very long like we are starting…
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High Yield Wheat Production

Rome Ethredge, CEA-retired and Dewey Lee, Professor-retired University of Georgia Use deep tillage to disrupt hard pans. Wheat responds well to deep tillage when hard pans are present in our soils, particularly sandy soils. Prepare soils for planting by first tilling with a V-ripper, chisel plow, paraplow or subsoiler. Firm…
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Wheat Planting

Rome Ethredge retired county agent and outgoing Grains Specialist sent us a few reminders on wheat production this week that I thought I would pass along:

The optimum window for wheat planting for grain in Georgia is typically within one week before or after the average first frost date for a given area.
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