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Paraquat training update.

This year they are changing the paraquat certification. Below are the options of how to be certified if you need to mix, load, or spray Paraquat.

  1. Do a free online training on the same date/times on your own—Flyer above. You have to register online at:


2. Go online anytime and pay $25 dollars for training.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are there additional training requirements to use paraquat? Since 2000, there have been 17 deaths – three involving children – caused by accidental ingestion of paraquat. These cases have resulted from the pesticide being illegally transferred to beverage containers and later mistaken for a drink and consumed. A single sip can be fatal. In addition to the deaths by accidental ingestion, since 2000 there have been three deaths and many severe injuries caused by the pesticide getting onto the skin or into the eyes of those working with the herbicide. To prevent these tragedies, EPA is requiring special training for certified applicators who use paraquat. One of the purposes of the paraquat training is to reinforce that paraquat must not be transferred to or stored in improper containers.
  2. Who is required to take this training? Any person who intends to use paraquat must be a certified applicator and is required to take the training. “Use” includes pre-application activities involving mixing and loading the pesticide; applying the pesticide; and other pesticide-related activities, including, but not limited to, transporting or storing opened pesticide containers, cleaning equipment, and disposing of excess pesticides, spray mix, equipment wash waters, pesticide containers, and other paraquat-containing materials.
  3. Who is permitted to use paraquat? The use of paraquat, which is a restricted-use pesticide, is restricted to certified pesticide applicators only; non-certified persons working under the supervision of a certified applicator are prohibited from using paraquat, including mixing, loading, applying the pesticide, and other pesticide-related activities.
  4. How can I register for them?  The online registration form is located at: https://syngenta.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Ncy6oG2-S5GQYYveH2Cwsg#/registration
  5. How do I know if my pesticide license is current?  To check on the status of your pesticide license please go here.
  6. I took the paraquat training in the past.  I cannot remember if is current.  The training must be retaken every three years. A list of Paraquat Training Attendees is available at the bottom of the Georgia Department of Agriculture Paraquat training page.  This list is current as of 2/13/24.
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