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  • Recommended Grain Varieties for Winter 2021-2022 Barley Atlantic (P) Secretariat (S) Thoroughbred (S) Oat Graham (S)2 Horizon 306 (S)2 Horizon 720 (C)2 Wheat AP 1983 (S) AGS 2021 (S) AGS 2024 (S) *AGS 3000 (C) AGS 3015 (S)3 *AGS 3030 (S) Dyna-Gro 9002 (P) Dyna-Gro Blanton (S) Dyna-Gro Blanton (S) Dyna-Gro Plantation (S) Dyna-Gro Rutledge…

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  • If you missed the Cover Crop & Small Grains Meeting last week take a look at this post for key points and pictures of the on-site demo.

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  • Weather permitting; we will be holding a Cover Crop & Small Grains Meeting on Thursday, September 14th at the Jeff Davis Extension Office. This will be a breakfast meeting beginning at 7:30am. Please give us a call or send me a text to let me know if you plan to attend so I can arrange…

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