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Georgia Beef producers to vote on continuation of Georgia Beef Commission check off

The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Beef was established at the request of Georgia cattlemen in 2014 by the Georgia Legislature. Georgia beef producers voted to approve a marketing order to establish a $1 per head assessment on all cattle sold in Georgia for beef with a value over $100. It is required that the market order be voted on every three years for continuation.

The voting for the renewal of the assessment will take place from May 1 to 30. Beef producers should receive a ballot in the mail. If a beef producer does not receive a ballot by May 10; please call 1-855-327-6829. In order for the ballot to be considered eligible, the back of the envelope has to be completely filled out and signed. Ballots must be postmarked by May 30.

Funds from the assessments are used to fund research, education and promotion projects for the Georgia cattle producers. The marketing order includes beef and dairy breeds sold for use of beef.  In the three years since the assessment began, over one million dollars was committed to research projects with the University of Georgia and in-state education and promotions which impact producers in Georgia.

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