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A commercial breeding flock in Chattooga County has tested positive for H7 presumptive low pathogenic avian influenza. Please see the press release from the Georgia Department of Agriculture: https://agr.georgia.gov/confirmed-h7-presumptive-low-pathogenic-avian-influenza-in-a-commercial-flock-in-georgia.aspx

Owners of poultry flocks are encouraged to closely observe their birds and report a sudden increase in the number of sick birds or bird deaths to the state veterinarian’s office at (855) 491-1432.  For more updates and information regarding biosecurity tips visit www.ga-ai.org or www.allinallgone.com.

Increased bio-security measures should be practiced by all with commercial operations as well as backyard flocks.

Avian influenza does not pose a risk to the food supply, and no affected animals entered the food chain. The risk of human infection with avian influenza during poultry outbreaks is very low