• The Georgia Department of Agriculture will be having a Georgia Pesticide Clean Day in Coffee County on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, at the Tri-County Cotton Gin. The purpose of this event is to allow individuals, commercial pesticide applicators, private applicators, commercial contractors, and the pest control industry to properly and safely to dispose of canceled, […]

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  • On Monday March 13, beginning at 1:30 p.m., a Using Pesticide Wisely (UPW) training will be held at the Dubose Porter Center located on the Oconee Fall Line Technical College campus. There are only 120 spaces available for the training. To register, email the Extension office at or call 478-272-2277. If you plan to […]

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  • Effective pesticide applications are needed to stay on top of weed, insect, and disease control throughout the growing season. Achieving both the desired spray coverage and efficacy while keeping off-target movement of pesticides to a minimum is a very challenging but an important task. Applications resulting in under- or over-application of pesticides, ineffective coverage, and/or […]

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  • We have updated the Procedure for Calibrating Granular Pesticide Applicators publication. The publication contains information on how to properly calibrate granular pesticide applicators.

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  • Georgia Clean Day is a program that gives everyone an opportunity to discard old, unusable, or cancelled pesticides to a hazardous waste contractor for disposal. Pesticides in leaking containers or disposed of improperly may cause environmental damage by contaminating water supplies or harming people and wildlife. Some pesticides that have been used in the past […]

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