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Thoughts on Cotton Defoliation

Dr. Camp Hand has a few thoughts on cotton defoliation… First, this week it’s gonna be cool. Once we get past Wednesday, highs hardly come out of the 60s and lows are going to be in the 30s to 40s. As we all know, cotton growth and development is based…
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2021 Laurens County Corn, Cotton, Peanut and Soybean Virtual Production Meetings

Due to the continued effects of COVID-19, the normal in-person row crop production meetings will be held virtually. Listed below are the production meetings that will be held in January and February. You will have several opportunities to participate in the online meetings. I will send out registration instructions as…
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Irrigation Reference Guide for Corn, Cotton, Peanuts, and Soybeans. A New UGA Extension Publication.

At the county irrigation meeting held earlier this year, a new irrigation publication was discussed. Well, it is here. David Hall, County Program Assistant and Water Agent was instrumental in putting this publication together. Laminated copies of this publication are available. Contact me to get a copy. Here is a…
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