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Resources to prepare and recover from disasters

We have many research-backed resources to help before, during and after emergency situations. Whether the need is flood clean-up or financial considerations, Extension offers valuable research-based information to support communities preparing and recovering from disasters. Additionally, you’ll find related information from governmental and other Extension agencies.
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Thoughts on Cotton Defoliation

Dr. Camp Hand has a few thoughts on cotton defoliation… First, this week it’s gonna be cool. Once we get past Wednesday, highs hardly come out of the 60s and lows are going to be in the 30s to 40s. As we all know, cotton growth and development is based…
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Wet East, Dry West Continues and Intensifies

Pam Knox, Director of the UGA Weather Network and Agricultural Climatologist discusses the last 30 days of rainfall across the United States. The last 30 days of rainfall across the US has highlighted the vast difference in precipitation amounts between the West Coast and the East Coast this year. On…
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