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  • The cold weather has left many of us stuck inside and given us a chance to catch up on movies or relax by the fire. However, as we battle cabin fever, another critter is trying desperately to seek shelter for herself and her 500 closest friends: the Asian lady beetle. The Asian lady beetle (Harmonia […]

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  • We would like to thank Fulton County MGEV Della Spearman for this article on Argentine Ants. Introduction      During the summer months, it seems small brown ants (Argentine ants) want to invade cracks and take over other areas of our homes but they can be controlled. Be aware, they do not sting like fire ants, […]

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  • With all this cold damp weather, the main thing on my mind is getting home and starting a nice warm fire. However, whether you get your firewood from a local source, or your own backyard, it could be a host to any number of invasive insects. For this reason, Georgia and many other states regulate […]

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  • Fall Caterpillars

    Caterpillars can often be garden pests throughout the summer, but many of the species we see in the fall have no effect on our crops.  In fact, some look like they popped right out of a surreal painting and turn into even more beautiful butterflies and moths. Though they may not affect our gardens, some […]

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