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Thunderstorms linked to increased asthma risks

If you have outdoor workers who are susceptible to asthma attacks, you may be interested in this recently published research by UGA scientist Andrew Grundstein.  Dr. Grundstein points out that usually rain is linked to lower pollen and dust amounts and reduced asthma symptoms.  However, in his research he found…
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Extreme weather events of 2013–are they linked to changing climate?

The American Meteorological Society has recently released their annual report “Explaining Extreme Events of 2013 from a Climate Perspective”.  In this report they analyze sixteen different extreme weather events for how often they were  likely to happen as well as the economic impacts they caused.  Part of their analysis was…
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Lots of weather info in one place

If you like to look at weather maps, radar, satellite pictures, and text forecasts and spend too much time going from one web site to another, this might be the solution for you.  DaculaWeather’s website contains multiple pages of radar, satellite pictures, observations, forecasts from a variety of models, forecast…
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