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Is beef production bad for global warming?

A scientific article published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US claims that raising beef cattle is much worse for the environment and global climate than production of other livestock such as poultry, pork or dairy.  Their study was based on a detailed…
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cli-MATE website provides easy access to archived climate data

The Midwestern Climate Center has made an easy-to-use portal to National Weather Service cooperative weather data archives on their website, called cli-MATE.  Even though they are located in Champaign IL and cover the Midwestern states, the database contains information for locations across the US.  The system is free to use…
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Wind storms could affect banana supplies

The Packer wrote in a story on 7/17 that banana supplies could be affected by damage in Costa Rica and Columbia which destroyed or damaged a “very significant area” of banana-producing farms.  While final damage assessments are still being made, some reduction in overall banana volume is likely.  Click here…
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