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New resource guide available

A new resource guide has recently been made available by the Animal Agriculture Climate Change group that co-sponsors this blog.  It is entitled “Adapting to a Changing Climate: A Planning Guide.”  It is available online by clicking here.  This guide provides several steps that extension agents, farmers and ranchers can…
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Amazing cold outbreak continues

My meteorologist and climatologist friends have been posting one story after another about the extreme cold weather we have experienced in the past day.  Today many areas set records for low maximum temperature, and some record lows were set.  Tomorrow morning, many more record lows are expected to be broken….
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A cold morning for most of the US

The National Weather Service in Peachtree City GA posted this map of morning temperatures from Kent McMullen today.  The purple line marks 32 degrees, the freezing point.  Note how much of the country is covered by these icy conditions.  You can expect another cold morning tomorrow in the Southeast before…
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