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Resource finder for animal agriculture and climate

I’m meeting today with other scientists on the Animal Agriculture and Climate Change research project that helps fund this blog.  One of the topics for discussion was the AACC resources page at  This page now has a search capability which allows you to look for resources related to specific…
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“Global temperature skyrocketed in October”

Discover magazine published a story yesterday discussing the first of several news releases describing the ramp-up in global temperature that was observed in October.  According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, this past October was the warmest in a record stretching back 1891, with a global average temperature for the month…
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Fall 2015 already the wettest on record for many stations in the Southeast

The Southeast Regional Climate Center noted on Facebook today that many weather observing stations in the Southeast have already reached the #1 rank for the wettest fall on record, with two weeks still to go (and rain on the way).  You can produce your own map at  Note that there…
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