Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Georgia Climate Project: What data sets are need to quantify the impacts of changing climate on our society?

We are winding down our look at the Georgia Climate Project’s Roadmap of 40 questions that need to be addressed in future research about how Georgia’s changing climate will affect agriculture, ecology, water, transportation, and other parts of society. This week’s question addresses the need for appropriate measurements and associated…
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The total lunar eclipse of January 20-21, 2018

Did you know that there will be a total lunar eclipse on the night of January 20-21? Even though it is cloudy now, it should clear up on Sunday in time for most of the Southeast to view it. While a lunar eclipse is not as dramatic as a solar…
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Wet week across the region

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that heavy rain should occur across most of the region this week with two major storms moving through the area. On Saturday the first storm plows through, bringing a lot of rain with some wind and potentially even some severe weather to parts of…
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