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Hurricane Irma report is now available

The National Hurricane Center has released their final report on Hurricane Irma. It’s 111 pages long, which attests to the impact that Irma had on the United States and especially the Southeast. You can read it at
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Video: How Georgia Pecan Farmers are Still Recovering from Hurricane Irma

The Georgia Farm Monitor has an interesting 3-minute video on continuing clean-up activities of Georgia pecan farmers following the devastation from Hurricane Irma, which not only blew down many nuts but also uprooted trees and damaged equipment. Supplies of replacement trees are also limited due to the high demand. You…
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“Florida’s orange crops have been quietly dying for over a decade as growers fight to save them”

ABC News has a new video out featuring Ginger Zee discussing the long-term decline in orange production in Florida. In the last year it has been seriously impacted by Hurricane Irma but even before that citrus was declining due to citrus greening and drought. You can read more and watch…
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