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USDA blog highlights tools for agriculture and climate

Yesterday’s USDA blog “Farmers go digital to confront changing growing conditions” highlights agricultural tools developed for the Midwest by the U2U group (“Useful to Usable”) at Purdue University and affiliated universities which show variations in climate patterns by El Nino phase and how they affect yields and other agricultural variables. …
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Evaporative stress index can identify flash droughts early

The evaporative stress index is a way of measuring rates of evapotranspiration from plants and the ground using satellite data.  The higher the rates of water use, the more negative the evaporative stress index.  The two maps below show the maps for September 2 and September 8.    You can…
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New NOAA viewers look at sea level and land use changes in coastal areas

Two new interactive viewers from NOAA’s Coastal Services Center are available online and provide a detailed look at coastal areas across the US.  The C-CAP viewer allows you to look at changes in land use from 1996 to 2010 in many areas of the Southeast, although only counties relatively near…
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