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Florida temperature should be close to warmest on record

The preliminary statistics for April are coming in and show that most of the Southeast was much warmer than usual.  The HPRCC climate maps from the High Plains Regional Climate Center below show that most of the area had temperatures of 2-4 degrees above average in the Carolinas , 4-6 degrees above average in Georgia and Alabama, and over 8 degrees above normal in much of Florida.

The month to date ranking map from the Perspectives tool at the Southeast Regional Climate Center shows that for many stations, if the remainder of the month continues to be warm, they will set all-time record highs in Florida and top ten months in much of the rest of the Southeast.

Many stations in the Southeast are also expected to have a top-ten month for precipitation in April based on the Perspectives tool, which you can find at SERCC Perpectives tool.

apr 15 temp to date 4-27-2015  apr 2015 precip to date 4-27-2015  temp ranking 4-27-2015 sercc  precip ranking 4-27-2015