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Pockets of dry conditions exist even after a wet April

The Lawn and Garden Index map for the Southeast shows that in spite of significant rains in many areas of the region, there are still areas that need water, either in the form of rain or irrigation.  This map, which is produced by the Alabama State Climatologist, shows the capacity of current soil moisture conditions to maintain healthy lawns, and factors in rainfall for the last three weeks, current soil moisture levels, and the water holding capacity of soils across the region.  The map shows that southeast Georgia and northeastern Florida are both in need of additional moisture to combat the drying we have seen in the last few days.  Unfortunately, the forecast is for a mostly dry week across the region, which will put additional stress on lawns and gardens in the area without supplemental watering.

You can read more about it at  The map is also available at AgroClimate at

lawn se 5-3-2015