The Southeast Regional Climate Center has a useful display tool for showing the rankings of observed temperature values at NWS stations around the Southeast.  Today a number of stations in the region set record high temperatures and a few more set record high minimum temperatures.  The tool also allows you to look two days ahead to see how the forecast temperatures will rank historically.  The forecast maps (note red on top legend) show that more record high and high minimum temperatures are likely to occur at some locations in the Southeast on April 9.

The maps below show the rankings for various cities in the region.  For many of them you will see two numbers.  The top one is what is called the “threaded record”, which includes a string of continuous values for the region put together by linking records from two different stations in the area.  For example, many city records started downtown and then later moved to the airport.  So a threaded record would include both stations in the historical record without attempting to correct for the station move.  Since there is often overlap in the two records, usually a date is chosen for the official change-over of the official record.  Not very useful for climate studies because the station moves introduce artificial changes into the long-term climate trend, but something journalists like to look at for news stories.

The bottom box for each city is the ranking based just on the current station.  So it is possible to set a record for the current (most likely airport) site while not setting the overall record for the city.  You can try out the maps for yourself at

max temp ranking 4-8-2015  record high mins 4-8-2015  forecast record highs 4-9-2015  forecast high min temps 4-9-2015