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Heavy snows hamper milk collection

One of the stories that has not been widely reported in the news about the Buffalo snowstorm is the impact on local dairies. AgWeb listed a story from Dairy Today which indicates that a number of dairies in the affected area are dumping milk because the milk trucks were unable…
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2014 Hay contest results show improvement from 2013 due to weather

The results of the 2014 hay contest are in, and show a marked improvement over 2013, when wet weather caused poor forage conditions across the Southeast.  Here is a paragraph from the contest summary: “Weather is always a major limiting factor when attempting to produce high quality forage. This year,…
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Could land application of animal feedlot wastewater spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

An entry from the American Geophysical Union blog site in mid-August discusses the possibility of spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ABR) through wind dispersal of land-applied animal wastewater used for irrigation in drought conditions.  You can read the blog here.  Scientists are not sure about the amount of ABR naturally occurring in…
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