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Explore 20 years of Earth data with NASA’s Worldview

For the past 20 years, NASA has provide a great inventory of satellite pictures of the earth available to view through their Worldview app at no charge. You can view volcanic eruptions, floods, and a wealth of climate information through their site. Read more about it at EarthSky at
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Cloud types, ranked

Here’s a Mashable article which describes the various types of clouds, along with some spectacular photos. Andrew Freedman provides rankings that are definitely biased towards severe weather and leave out several varieties of clouds altogether (like cirrus and cumulus), but the pictures are still worth seeing. Check it out at
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Supercell images from the Great Plains

Atlas Obscura published a short article this week about a new book of photographs of supercell thunderstorms from the Great Plains. The article talks to the photographer, Camille Seaman, about her experiences with chasing storms and getting spectacular photographs of some of them. You can see a few of the…
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