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“Famous Sunset Paintings Reflect Key Air Pollution Events from the Past”

KQED Science had an interesting article this week about how historical paintings from the past can shed light on the amount of pollutants (both natural pollutants like volcanic particulates and human-injected pollutants from industry and transportation) in the atmosphere and how they change the way the sky looks.  I’ve talked…
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Video: Why the World Needs Meteorologists

Just in case you did not know, the World Meteorological Organization has a five-minute video explaining everything that meteorologists do using cute hand drawings.  Did you know that the broadcast meteorologists you see on television are actually just a small proportion of all of the meteorologists working for government, private…
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Photo contest winners

The University of Wisconsin Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences just posted their latest photo contest results at  Take a look at all of the great weather photos from this year’s competition.
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