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EarthSky: Images of crepuscular rays

You’ve probably seen crepuscular rays late in the day when the sun is drifting lower in the sky and beams of light shoot out from behind clouds. These are called crepuscular rays, and they can be spectacular! You can see a collection of images from EarthSky at
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Another set of fantastic weather pictures (and birds)

I am a sucker for beautiful pictures of the sky and land. Here is a new set I found this morning on MSN. Enjoy! For those who prefer birds, check out these contest winners at Popular Science:
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“Heatwave unveils ancient settlements in Wales”

Here’s the most interesting story I’ve seen this week. BBC News reported that due to the pervasive drought they have been experiencing, fields are yielding up secret outlines of former fortresses and castles. The fortifications are marked by deeper soils than average, resulting in more moisture and better crops. Green…
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