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Weather Photographer of the Year–two competitions

If you like beautiful weather images (and I know you do), you will enjoy these two shortlists of weather photographs selected from over 4,000 entries to the Royal Meteorological Society’s annual photo contest and from the Weather Channel’s competition. Visit to vote for your favorite from RMetSoc and see the…
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NASA’s Worldwide Fire Map

Did you know that NASA’s satellites can identify surface fires from space? They use the thermal imaging wavelength band to find hotspots that correspond with fires that are either wildfires or are human-set burns in agricultural areas. NASA produces a map which shows these fires across the globe. You can…
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EarthSky: Images of crepuscular rays

You’ve probably seen crepuscular rays late in the day when the sun is drifting lower in the sky and beams of light shoot out from behind clouds. These are called crepuscular rays, and they can be spectacular! You can see a collection of images from EarthSky at
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