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Find the “climate stripes” for your county

You may have seen the graphic “climate stripes” for the US showing the annual temperature for each year as a colored stripe. They’ve been made into scarves, rugs, ties and other articles and show how recent years are warmer (redder) than previous years. It’s an interesting way to view the changes in climate that we have seen since 1895. Now a web site by Jared Rennie allows you to get a “climate stripes” image for your own county based on historical climate data. You can see it at I’ve posted the one for Athens-Clarke County GA below. Try it out and see what your country trend is like. And also look in other parts of the country to see just how much of a “warming hole” the Southeast has been in compared to other areas. Also note how cold the 60s and 70s were compared to periods before and after that, so if you are aged 60 or older, you probably remember that colder period from when you were young.