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Rain in the north; dry in the south

The 7-day QPF for this coming week shows a continuation of the split pattern we have seen over the last couple of weeks.  Wet conditions should continue to occur in northern parts of the Southeast, while southern areas, especially southern Florida, will see lower than normal rainfall.  This may increase…
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Overpumping in California’s Central Valley could remove 1 million acres from production

The Los Angeles Times ran an article today describing the impacts of groundwater pumping on agriculture in California’s Central Valley (link).  High rates of groundwater use have caused ground levels to subside by as much as a foot a year, and have also lowered water tables, forcing farmers to pay…
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March so far warmer and drier than normal

We’re about halfway through March, and so far for the month the Southeast has been warmer and drier than normal across almost the entire region.  The warmth has been especially strong in Florida and southern Georgia.  Dry conditions in southern Alabama have contributed to the continuing drought there.  Generally the…
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