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Climate and the future of agriculture

Farm Industry News published a very interesting panel discussion on the future of farming across the world in the face of changing climate, consumer demands, and other challenges.  You can find it at One of the themes that come up in the discussion over and over again is the…
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New Zealand farmers feel effects of El Nino

Dairy farmers in New Zealand are facing serious consequences of water shortages that can be traced to the developing El Nino.  These water shortages have led to tighter restrictions on water use and have also reduced the availability of cheap energy from hydroelectric dams due to restrictions on how much…
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Abnormally dry conditions expand

The latest Drought Monitor, released yesterday, shows that abnormally dry conditions have expanded in the Southeast.  Most of the increase is in the Carolinas, where abnormally dry conditions have spread across much of those states.  But other areas are also seeing the effects of the lack of rainfall as well. …
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