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“The Weather Forecasts in the Old Farmer’s Almanac Are a Bunch of Malarkey”

Once more, the Old Farmer’s Almanac and the Farmers’ Almanac have hit the bookstores and checkout aisles in the supermarkets, ready to provide instant weather forecasts for the next year to anyone who is willing to pay the price.  And the media always cover this event as if there is…
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“Do You Have What It Takes to Predict the Future? The Reality Behind Becoming a Meteorologist”

There are promos out for a new reality television show on TBS called “America’s Next Weatherman.”  Meteorologists (I know many, am married to one, and am one myself) are generally troubled by the premise of the show.  In general, the show asks a handful of weather enthusiasts to perform wacky stunts…
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The importance of CoCoRaHS and other observers

Yesterday parts of Georgia experienced flooding rains.  They were very localized and many areas received no rain at all.  The NWS daily rainfall estimate from shows the spatial variability of rain across the area.  You will note two areas of heavy rainfall in red in north-central Georgia centered on…
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