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Most rainfall this week near the coasts

The latest 7 day QPF map shows that most of the rainfall this week will be offshore near the coasts. Florida should have the highest amounts overall while most of the interior receives lower than normal rainfall, which will be great for producers who are harvesting crops and need drier…
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Variable rainfall across the Southeast this week

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that inland areas of the Southeast should receive below normal rainfall this week while coastal areas, especially in Florida, receive more.  A pesky front will move slowly back and forth across the area, bringing rain to the areas near the frontal convergence while leaving…
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CPC: Warmer and wetter than normal conditions for fall

The latest monthly and seasonal outlooks for the US were released today by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. The images below show that September is leaning towards above normal temperatures in coastal areas of the Southeast, including the Florida peninsula and especially south Florida. Most of the region except for Florida…
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