Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Georgia blueberries face a 60% loss

The Fruit Growers Newsletter posted a story this week describing blueberry yields across the United States this year. Unfortunately, Georgia took another hit this year from frosts following the warm February we had that encouraged the bushes to bloom early. Unlike last year, when one big frost event wiped out…
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“Grapefruit: Born in the USA”

I love reading about foods that I love, and citrus fruit are certainly on that list. This article from Quartz provided a history of the grapefruit, a true North American fruit, although its ancestors came from China. You might enjoy reading it too. You can find it at
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“Chasing the Monsoon”

Atlas Obscura posted a story about the Indian Monsoon Palace this week. It was originally an astronomical observatory where weather and the monsoon were also tracked. Later it became a location for Octopussy, a famous James Bond movie. The story reminded me of one of my favorite books, “Chasing the…
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